Understanding Tech Startups And Their Evolution

July 24, 2020


Tech startups are early-stage businesses that aim to develop and manufacture technological products or services. They focus on bringing these products or digital services to the markets. They have been emerging in recent years and becoming valuable companies. However, on the other hand, there are also many tech startups that fail. Thus, it is important to understand how a tech startup can succeed. 

Why Do Some Tech Startups Succeed? 

According to research on tech startups, there are 9 reasons for a startup to be successful1. To summarize the list, first of all, when the founders are impact-driven, a startup becomes more successful due to the passion and commitment of the founders. Then, the ability to adjust is another underlying reason for success. The markets and consumers are constantly changing; hence, a successful startup should also adjust to these changes. At the same time, the entrepreneurs of the startup must be willing to observe the markets and learn to make their service better. Also, patience is a key to success as a startup doesn’t succeed immediately. During the process, the founders must be good leaders and have specific business knowledge. Thus, technical and business knowledge should be balanced, while having team members with the necessary technical expertise. Finally, developing the right mentorship relations is a key to success. 

Thus, for a tech startup to succeed, having team members with technical knowledge is not sufficient. A startup is a business, and in addition to team members with exceptional technical skills, having team members with business skills will make the startup much competitive in the markets. 

Evolution Of Tech Startups

In recent years with the development of technological tools, new concepts emerged in the tech startup ecosystem. As technology advances, some tech startups are established on new subjects and concepts. Fintech and proptech are some of these new concepts. While fintech startups use innovative technologies in financial and banking services, proptech startups use innovative technologies in the real estate sector. New technologies and concepts are developed in a rapid fashion. Thus, in the sector of tech startups, entrepreneurs must follow the changes and new technologies in order to constantly adjust themselves.  

You can read a more detailed article about startups via this link.


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