Silicon Valley

July 11, 2020

Silicon Valley, a horseshoe-shaped flatland of offices and neighborhoods, home to thousands of innovative technology companies, is located south of San Francisco. The seeds of Silicon Valley were sown in the 1990s, during the Great Depression. The decline of the defense industry and a downturn in the economy resulting in layoffs throughout California led Stanford Engineering professor Frederick Terman to seek a solution to create more job opportunities for his students.

Today, Silicon Valley, housing some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Yahoo!, Cisco, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, among many others, is a thriving ecosystem of visionaries, where companies, start-ups, and creatives are rapidly evolving the technological landscape to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. 

Thus, in a digital world where start-ups can disrupt traditional, century-old industries with easy-to-use apps and services, a visit to Silicon Valley, the global hub of innovation, going behind-the-scenes at the laboratories, workshops, and studios of some of the creative thinkers, and at influential companies, meeting with digital transformation experts and learning practical strategies to face business challenges in the age of disruption will radically alter your thinking on what it means to innovate.

Listening to industry magnates’ visions of the future, getting close and personal with digital technology powerhouses like Google and Apple, learning about the latest on companies’ ambitious projects, meeting some of the Valley’s computer and coding wizards, brainstorming sessions with some of today’s tech changemakers, hands-on experiences with the latest technology gadgets, inventions and technologies reshaping our lives will not only provide a rewarding learning experience but also leave you inspired, energized, and ready to innovate.

Silicon Valley

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